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The World's Largest Wedding Cake

We can make pretty much any cake you want!

World's Largest Wedding Cake

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If we are contracted to provide you with multiple services for your event,
you will receive a 10% DISCOUNT off of ALL SERVICES we provide you with.

Wedding Cake Prices

Pricing includes delivery & setup of cake, if within my "LOCAL" area . We reserve the right to charge "EXTRA" for delivery depending on the distance away from my "LOCAL" area in SW  OHIO. All prices are subject to change.

To figure your price for your cake or cupcakes, "MULTIPLY" the "NUMBER OF SERVINGS" by "$3.00 per serving" to arrive at the TOTAL COST OF CAKE.
(Example: 100 servings  x  $3.00= $300)


  • Stairways $30 per pair
  • Bridge $30
  • Fountains $50 each
  • Attendants (Plastic to BUY & KEEP) $15 each
  • Greenery & Lights (Around cake RENTAL) $40
  • Cream Cheese Icing $0.50 EXTRA per serving

There will be a "REFUNDABLE" deposit required 1 week before wedding. When items are returned to me, "ON  TIME", "CLEANED", & "UNDAMAGED",  your deposit will be returned.

NOTE: I get "EVERYTHING" not etible (except your cake topper, & attendants if you BOUGHT them) back. You must  RETURN  these items to me "ASAP" WITHIN  1  WEEK  AFTER  THE  WEDDING, or you forfeit your deposit.  This includes all plastic cake separater plates, pillars, dowl rods or pins inside cakes for support, fountains, stairways, lights, extension cords, silk flowers & greenery, any decorations, etc.  "EVERYTHING" (NOT ELECTRICAL or silk flowers) is to be "WASHED" before returning to me.  Simply EMPTY WATER from the fountains