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We will take a video of your wedding and part of the reception (to include all of the important ceremonies… cutting of the cake, 1st dance, toasting, throwing the bouquet & garter, Etc...)

We will provide you with one video cassette tape for the price of $150.00. 

 Additional copies of the tape are available for relatives, Etc.… for $20 per copy (providing they are ordered at the time I am making your copy). 

If they are ordered later, they will cost $30 per copy.

We reserve the original copy & all “COPYRIGHTS”…

We may use the video for display, etc.

We require a deposit of $75 at the time you reserve the date. 

This will apply to the total fee, & is “NON-REFUNDABLE” since we will probably have passed up other business to reserve the date for your wedding. 

The balance of $75 is due 1 week prior to the date of the wedding.

We are looking forward to helping you with your wedding video.



Portrait in Frame

Musical Note

Musical Note

..."Memories, like the corners of my mind"...

  ..."Photographs and memories"...

..."Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind"...

Special Gift

Looking for a SPECIAL GIFT for Mother's Day or Father's Day, Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, New Baby, Christmas, etc..?

Need something SPECIAL for your wedding reception, graduation, funeral of a loved one, or other special occasion?

I can HELP YOU by putting together a beautiful DVD for you to play at your special event, that contains pictures that you FURNISH ME WITH, and I will add music of your choice to make a lovely slide show of your life.

Little Girl in Pink


Little Boys Playing

You Pick

You pick out up to 200 of your photographs (up to 8x10 size max) and I will scan them into my computer to make your DVD. YOU must number the photos on the back, so I know the order you want the pix on your DVD. I will return all pix to you when you pick up the finished DVD.
Two Little Girls Two Little Girls Holding Hands Mary Joann Mary Jo Senior Mary Jo


You also pick out a list of songs (occassion appropriate) to be added to your DVD. You can chose up to 1 hr. (give or take a minute) of songs, and list the order you want them in, on your DVD.
Couple Mommy Holding Baby Mom and Dad on Couch Couple


 The cost for all of this is only $100 and you can replay your DVD for a lifetime of memories. Please allow 1 week for me to complete the DVD (for a funeral, I will do my best to put it together before the funeral but need AS  MANY  DAYS  AS  POSSIBLE). If you order extra copies of the DVD at the same time of the original order, each copy is only $20.


Man and Woman Man and Woman Dancing Family Portrait Christmas Mom and Dad