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La Quinceanera

My father works with a guy who needed a DJ/Karaoke hostess for a party for his daughter's 15th birthday. I had NO IDEA what I was about to experience! I was expecting a party where a bunch of teenagers were going to be hanging out, dancing, singing some karaoke & giggling & gossiping.

Wow! Was I ever surprised! Mark said that the hall looked like it was decorated for a wedding, so we thought we might be at the wrong American Legion.
NOPE! This was the place!

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What I thought was going to be a traditional "teenager's birthday party" was actually a Mexican rite of passage known as "La Quinceañera". This was a very traditional Mexican celebration (Go to mexconnect for more info about this ritual). This party was more elegant than some weddings I have participated in… It was just beautiful! I wish I had understood what this party was because we would have dressed up for the event. All the women wore dresses and the men wore suits or dress pants with a shirt & tie. I felt VERY underdressed for this event. During dinner I had been asked to play Christian music and for the PARTY I played a bunch of Children's, Dance, Pop & Hip Hop music as well as Spanish music and had an evening filled with Line & LATIN DANCES (Cha Cha, Salsa, etc.)...it was better than going to see "Dancing with the Stars". This group would have partied all night long if the father of the birthday girl hadn't shut it down. Everyone was still on the dance floor shaking their tail feathers and a bunch of people still wanted to sing. There was never a dull moment all evening.

My new "DIGITAL" system for DJing & Karaoke worked out MUCH better than my first gig at my step-son's wedding 2 weeks ago. That gig was a DISASTER...naturally, because it was IMPORTANT for me to make Kenny & Tina's wedding wonderful! Thank God the equipment didn't fail me last night. I am still not thrilled with the DJ or Karaoke software that I bought, but I am trying to make the best of it. It will be a LOT easier once I get all the bugs worked out of it. But, in spite of the snafus, many people told me that I did a great job and I have been asked to DJ for another Quinceanera next year for another family.

Here are some pictures we took of the Quinceanera last night. Wasn't the birthday girl beautiful? This was one for my record books...a truly lovely event.

This was a wonderful experience for us! I can't wait until the next one! If you'd like to hire me for "ANY" type of event/party,
please contact me at (513)571-6749 or Email.