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Freelance Minister

Need a MINISTER to perform your ceremony?


I know of a guy named Chip, who is located in Cincinnati, but he'll do weddings almost anywhere within driving distance. He charges mileage for anything outside of Hamilton, Butler, Warren, & Clermont Counties, $1.00 per mile each way on weekdays, $1.25 on weeknights and $1.50 on weekends. 

He's pretty experienced, as he has over 700 weddings under his belt.

He has no set rules about who he will or will not marry. He says, “If two people are in love they should be able to express that love. I am merely one of the tools that they use to acknowledge their love in front of friends and family."  

He also has no rules or policies about photography during the ceremony. The day belongs to the couple, not to him (you'd be surprised how many ministers out there think they have the right to decide whether or not a couple can have photos taken DURING their wedding & whether or not they can use a FLASH...it is RIDICULOUS!!!). He says, “Who am I to make rules or promote my religious opinions?"

He doesn't have a home church. He does elopements and spur of the moment ceremonies either on his front porch, in his side yard, at one of the local parks, or from the back of his motorcycle in a parking lot or driveway... almost anywhere. He also has access to several low cost rental halls in Cincinnati.
Be sure to click on this link to his web site and then tell Chip that you were referred to him by Lori at "LORI'S WEDDING PALACE", from my website.

Credentials of Minister

I can legally perform your wedding ceremony in Indiana or Kentucky now, but naturally, Ohio has different rules. I have to buy my kit that contains the additional documentation necessary to get my license in the State of Ohio before I can legally perform ceremonies in Ohio. But SOON I will be able to add this to my many services that I offer you. In the meantime, until I get my license in Ohio,