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Daddy's 75th Surprise Birthday Party 05

I called to ask him to bring me the songbook that Mark "forgot" in my chair. He had gotten home from work LATE & was therefore pissed that he had to drive all the way to Trenton to bring me that damn book.

When he got there, he walked up & laid the book on my table, oblivious to the fact that I was standing there behind my camcorder & had begun singing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". He turned around & was heading OUT...I yelled for someone to grab him, because he was about to "ESCAPE". My best friend had to RUN to him & gets him to turn around... at which point he realized that his ex-neighbor / ex-coworker was up here from North Carolina. Then he realized that HE was (as he put it) the "POOR SHMUCK" that was having a birthday!!!!!

Daddy's Guest

3 HUGE  SURPRISES  for Daddy...a party, his ex-neighbors up from N. Carolina  &  a "stripper".  A GREAT time was had by all!!!! You should have been there!!!!

Guess I do throw a pretty good PARTY, huh? Let me help plan yours!!!!!