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Allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Lori & I have been a wedding coordinator / party planner in the SW Ohio area since 1985. In that time, I have planned HUNDREDS of weddings & parties. I have done many different parties, such as birthdays for young & "young at heart", anniversaries, holidays (Christmas, Halloween, etc.), graduations, baby showers (complete with a STORK to deliver the "PREGNANT" cake), corporate events, etc. With all of my experience, I am sure that I will be a VALUABLE asset in planning your EVENT. I have planned events from very small & intimate, to quite GRAND .

In all my years of doing this wonderful business, I have been involved in planning many DIFFERENT types of weddings. I have even planned several different "THEME WEDDINGS”. You can see some of these "THEMES “by going to my "PHOTO" page or by visiting my "GROUP" listed below. I have been involved in a few "WESTERN" themes, an authentic "AFRICAN" ceremony, & a "YANKEE'S BASEBALL" theme.

In 2002, I planned my own "THEME" wedding. We were married on JULY 6th (4th of July weekend) and decided to use a PATRIOTIC THEME for our wedding, after the "9-11 Disaster”. It EVOLVED into me dressing as "LADY LIBERTY" and my groom as "UNCLE SAM". As a result of the theme, I had to design & sew ALL OF THE CLOTHING for the ENTIRE WEDDING PARTY. I did this in addition to all of the other planning for EVERYTHING in my wedding. I put this all together in just 6 months. Our wedding announcement was on the FRONT PAGE of all of the local newspapers the next morning (you can see the article on my GROUP with the other photos). You can see pictures of my wedding (I wasn't able to take my OWN wedding pictures...I'm GOOD , but can't be in 2 places at the same time) by visiting my free "GROUP".

Uncle Sam Wants You...

Uncle Sam wants you to to let me help with all of your wedding or party needs!

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Dressed Up
Baby Bump  Cake

Saving Time & Money

I have helped my customers save LOTS of TIME & MONEY with my COMPLETE COORDINATOR SERVICE. My service offers an opportunity for EVERYONE to be able to AFFORD a "ROYAL WEDDING”, or party, without having to MORTGAGE THE CASTLE!!!!!!!!


  • CAKES (for every occasion)
  • CATERING (for every occasion) 
  • SILK FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS (for sale or rent)
  • DJing or KARAOKE 
  • A FEW wedding gowns (for sale or rent) 
  • Headpiece design (for sale or a few for rent) 
  • White wrought iron heart shaped ARCHWAY (for rent)
  • White wrought iron GUEST BOOK STAND (for rent) 
  • White wrought iron CANDELABRAS (for rent) 
  • Soloist/vocalist
  • Music tapes for weddings
  • WISHING WELL card box for gift table (for rent) 
  • & MUCH MORE !!!!!

I am a vocalist who has been in several local bands. I once had a 45 RPM record ("Bald Headed Guy") that got a lot of airplay on the radio & was even used as background music for a National consumer TV program ("Taking Advantage") back in 1985. Now I am a KARAOKE HOSTESS /DJ/ VOCALIST... a WANNA BE STAR, LOL!!!!!!

I produced, directed, photographed, filmed, & did costume design for a contest that "GAC" (Great American Country on Cable TV) was holding, several years ago. The idea was to film your own "KARAOKE" version of Sawyer Brown's hit video "DRIVE ME WILD”. In the original video, Sawyer Brown is shown imitating such greats as "THE BEATLES" , "THE BEACH BOYS", and "THE JACKSON 5" ... and wrestler "STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN" did the introduction. I got a bunch of my friends & "KARAOKE NUTS" (we named them the "FULL OF HOTAIR BAND”) to star in the video, which I filmed at a bar where I hosted karaoke for 3 years (before they sold the bar to a caterer). Our "FULL OF HOTAIR BAND" did their own imitations... they were "THE ROACHES”, "THE BEACHED BOYS”, & "THE RODMAN 5". We had another friend do the introduction as wrestler "GOLDBERG"... it was HYSTERICAL!!!!! (You can see a few pictures of their performance in the "PHOTOS" section on the tab marked "FULL OF HOTAIR BAND”. Thanks to my wonderful friends helping me, I WON the contest and "GAC" flew my husband (now ex) and I to Nashville, and put us up in a WONDERFUL hotel (The Renaissance Hotel) in downtown Nashville, for 2 nights & 3 days. I got to film "GAC'S TOP 15 COUNTDOWN" show with Mark Miller of Sawyer Brown as my prize for winning the contest. It was a FABULOUS EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were treated like STARS!!!!!!!

I am also a seamstress, floral arranger, caterer, photographer, and videographer. I am very "CRAFTY" and can do MANY things to make your EVENT a wonderful occasion. I look forward to helping you with all of your PLANNING NEEDS!!!!